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Welcome to the MAJOR (Feast days) OF YISRAEL

Major Fall Feast:
Rosh Hashanah plus 10 days of Awe
Yom Kippur

Minor Fall Feast:
Shemini Atzeret
Simchat Torah
Tu B'Shevah

Major Spring Feast:
Passover and The Counting of the Omer
Unleavened Bread
First Fruit

Minor Spring Feast:
Tisha B'Av

"The evening, and the morning, are the 1st day"

Yisrael begins all their Moedim on the evening before the date specified. This is because a scriptural "day" begins and ends at sunset, instead of midnight. Therefore the beginning of each day starts in the evening at sunset (3 stars). 

Note: See Bereshit (Genesis 1)

The No - No's of the Moedim

Work is not permitted on (1) Rosh Hashanah, (2) Yom Kippur, (3) the first and second days of Sukkot, (4) Shemini Atzeret,    (5) Simchat Torah, (6) Shavu'ot, and (7) the first, second, seventh, and eighth days of Passover.

The "work" prohibited on these Moedim are the same as the prohibitions on the Sabbath, with the exceptions of cooking, baking, or transferring fire from another fire already lit before the Moed, and carrying outside, all of that which is forbidden on Sabbaths, are permitted on these days. 

What about the Extra Days in Some Moedim

Some Moedim have extra days attached to them. This is done to pad the difference between the Scriptural calender and the Julian calender. Because of these differences, some Moedim have one extra day attached to them. 

Shavuot (Lighting Candles)

The Procedure

While dressed in your Shabbat clothes

Place a Tzedekah into the Pushke box (a box to give and make a monetary contribution).

Light the candles as follows:

Extend your hands over the candles, draw them inwards three times in a circular motion, and then cover your eyes.

Say the blessing:
Transliteration: Baruch a-ta YAHWEH, YAH-o-hei-nu me-lech ha-o-lam a-sher ki-di-sha-nu bi-mitz-vo-tav   vi-tzi-va-nu li-had-leek ner shel Sha-bat ko-desh.

Translation: Blessed are you, YAHWEH our MIGHTY ONE,  King of the universe, who has SET US APART with His MITZVOT, and commanded us to kindle the light of the SET APART Shabbat.

Now, while your eyes are still covered, is an auspicious time to pray for your heart's desires. The custom is to pray for children who will be upright and who will be YAHWEH fearing, and for the RETURN of YAHshua the Mashiach of Yisrael. Take the time also to pray for others who need blessings and good health.

Uncover your eyes, gaze at the candles, and then greet everyone with blessings of a Tov (good) Shabbat or Hag (moed)

With the lighting of the candles, a woman ushers in the SET APART day of Shabbat. No "weekday" activities are to be done from that point on.