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Hebraic Teachings

Informative "Unleavened" Mashianic Teachings 

Is it your desire to Build a deeper bond with YAHWEH? If so, The ARK of YAHWEH website is were you want to be. Our "Unleavened Mashianic teachings" focus on helping "truth seekers" return to their Scriptural and Traditional Hebraic Roots through the infallible "WORD of YAHWEH".

Returning to the Shabbat

"And YAHWEH blessed the seventh day and set it apart" - Bereshith (Genesis) 2:3

"Shabbat", is the Scriptural Sabbath day! This Authentic Scriptural Sabbath day is the "seventh day" of the week. It was on this Day that Father YAHWEH told "truth seekers" to assemble in HIS presence to receive all that HE has for them (teachings, instructions, guidelines, directives, healing and all other Scriptural blessings) . "Shabbat" is the Day that is "SET APART" by Father YAHWEH to embrace HIS sons and daughters (as well as the entirety of HIS collective creations) as they assemble around HIS ToRaH, TaNaK, and BRiTChadashah.

Reconnecting with the People, Nation & Land of Yisrael

Helping "truth seekers" reconnect with the People, Nation and Land of Yisrael is most important to us. When "truth seekers" reconnect with the People, Nation, and Land of Yisrael they connect with the "center piece" of YAHWEH'S creation, here on earth.  Yisreal (the People, Nation, and Land) is the "bouquet" that Father YAHWEH has presented to mankind on Earth. Yisrael is the earthly vessel that Father YAHWEH has ordained to carry HIS seed and plan to all mankind. As "truth seekers" we should invest time, to learn more about YAHWEH through HIS chosen People, Nation and Land called......YISRAEL.......

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Reconnecting the People of YAHWEH with their Scriptural Language

At the ARK of YAHWEH, we are committed towards reconnecting "truth seekers" with their scriptural "Authentic", Hebrew Language and AlephBet. It is our belief that "truth seekers" must understand the importance of the Hebrew Language and AlephBet to grasp the rich, and in-depth meaning of scriptural Hebrew. The Hebrew Language and AlephBet is different from all non-Hebraic languages, because it is the Only Language and AlephBet system that Father YAHWEH has poured HIS meaning into. Yisreal did not come up with their own AlephBet system or language; Father YAHWEH gave it to them, to use as Building Blocks to accomplish HIS WILL and TASK here, on earth.

At the ARK of YAHWEH, we discuss the importance of "truth seekers" grabbing hold to the meaning and definitions that Father YAHWEHhas embedded within each Hebrew Letter and placed inside of each Hebrew word. Every Hebrew Letter is filled with a purpose, revelation, insight, and definition that Father YAHWEH has placed within it.