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Unleavened Mashianic Roots Movement

Enhance your knowledge of traditional Hebrew teachings at The ARK of YAHWEH. We base our teachings on the Torah, Tanak and Brit Chadashah. Our Unleavened Mashianic teachings are provided to help "truth seekers" return to their Hebraic roots that was hampered by "Replacement theology" which is a "Christian concept" that under minds the teaching of Authentic Hebrew Scripture.

Returning "truth seekers" to their Hebraic roots is one of our goals, because it means that we are helping "truth seekers" return to Scriptural Authenticity. We want "truth seekers" to reconnect with Hebraic thought and insights by eliminating the cultural and religious gaps that appear in Greek, Latin, and English translations of revised versions of the Bible. Each of these translations and revisions take away from Authentic thought and insight of Hebrew Scripture

Feast Days found in Hebrew Scripture

In Hebrew, the traditional scriptural "Feast Days" are called "Moedim (plural) and Moed (singular)". These words (Moedim/Moed), mean "appointment or appointed times" therefore, scriptural "Feast daysare those days that the Sons and Daughters of YAHWEH gather to meet with HIM at the exact "appointed times" that Father YAHWEH has said to meet with HIM

Within the Hebrew calendar, there are eight major Scriptural Feast Days. The purpose of these "Feast Days" are to teach "truth seekers" the "WILL of YAHWEH" as it relates to HIS "Feast Days".  It is also our intent to encourage "truth seekersto reject all "satanic and man-made replacements" (such as: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.) and to cling only to the "Appointed Scriptural Times" that Father YAHWEH has assigned for us to meet with HIM.

CDs & DVDs

Unleavened Mashianic CDs, DVDs and Teaching materials are also available for "truth seekers" desiring to enhance and enrich their lives. Please visit our shopping cart on this website for prices and content.

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