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About Us

About Us

The ARK of YAHWEH, is an Unleavened Messianic Assembly. This means that we "DO NOT" mix bitter and sweet water together. We stay away from anything and everything that aligns itself with Satan (this includes: "REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY").

We also understand the importance of the Hebrew AlephBet System and Language. Our "Unleavened Mashianic Faith System" is not willing to compromise (at any level) with those things that are designed by Satan to lead "truth seekers" astray from Hebraic thought and insights. We also refuse to associate ourselves with anything and everything that has been religiously mingled with Paganism.

Our RabbiYAH (See About Our RabbiYAH )

Our RabbiYAH, (YirmeYAH ben YAHWEH) was a former Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, Prophet and Apostle in his "Old Faith system of Christianity" for over 30 years before coming into the "Unleavened Mashianic Faith System".  

Radio and Conference Line 

You may also listen to our live-stream Internet radio broadcast. Simply type: in your Internet browser and click live-stream. Broadcast times are:  Fridays at 9:00am, Saturday and Sunday at 9:30am.

You may also join us on the ARK OF YAHWEH  phone conference line, by calling 1-605-475-4700 and entering the pass code: 292678#. Study conference times are: Tuesday and Fridays at 7pm, Saturday morning at 11am and Saturday afternoon at 4pm.

Note:  In addition to the above Broadcast services; The YAHWEH BROADCASTING NETWORK also airs every Saturday and Sunday mornings from 2am to 6am. This LIVE Broadcast can be accessed by Clicking Here.