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From a Hebraic standpoint SEPHIROT means:  Emanations (1. something which emanates from YAHWEH. 2.  a manifestation of YAHWEH. 3. the action or process of emanating from (YAHWEH). The question then becomes, (1) what is being Emanated or Manifested from YAHWEH? and  (2) what action is being processed by YAHWEHThe answer to these questions is simply; HIS character, HIS attributes, HIS likeness, which declares HIS IMAGE.  

The following is a list of the SEPHIROT of YAHWEH. As you study and receive them into your soul, you will then begin to take on the Character, Attributes and IMAGE of YAHWEH, thus becoming the individual creation that you were created to be.


Crown: The place of YAHWEH'S total WILL (EhYAH Asher EhYAH, which means: YAHWEH will be what YAHWEH will be, or YAHWEH will cause to be what YAHWEH will cause to be)  


Knowledge (this sephirah is often associated within the realm of "Keter" and therefore does not appear on tables of the some Sephirot charts).
Note:  The initial emanating place of the Sephirot is keter which includes not only the Omnipresence and Omnipotence of YAHWEH but it also includes the Omniscience or all-knowingness/Knowledge of YAHWEH, therefore Daat is often placed in the realm of Keter, the place of the all-knowingness and Knowledge of YAHWEH.


Wisdom - Revelation - the Primordial Torah (the Torah that existed before creation in the person on YAHshua), masculine (father) side.


Understanding - Intellect - Teshuvah (Repentance) - Reason - Palace - Temple - Womb - Feminine (mother) side, upper Jerusalem, Freedom, Jubilee


Overflowing loving kindness - Mercy (Rachamim) - Favor - right arm of YAHWEH
Note:  Associated with Abraham


Also called "Din" (Judgment) - Justice - Discipline - Strength - Severity - Fear of YAHWEH - left arm of YAHWEH
Note:  Associated with Yitsaq (Isaac)


Beauty - Harmony - Rachamim (compassion an attribute of mercy) - Bridegroom - Husband - Son - King - Father - Mashiach - Tabernacle/Temple - the Tree of Life - the letter "vav," - Gate of Righteousness - Open Miracles - the shofar [as related to the mitzvot of blowing the shofar] - Tefillin of the Head
Note:  Associated with YAHaqov (Jacob) 


Endurance - Victory - Eternity - Prophecy - Orchestration - Initiative - Persistence - Bitachon (confidence) - "Hosts of YAHWEH,"
Note:  Associated with Mosheh


Splender - Majesty - Prophecy - Surrender - Sincerity - Anchor - Steadfastness
Note:  Associated with Aaron


Foundation - YAHWEH as the Almighty One - Pillar connecting heaven and earth - Seal of truth - Procreative power, Mashiach -Covenant - Hidden Miracles - All things - purity
Note:  Associated with Joseph 


Kingdom - Kingship, Shekhinah (presence) - Shabbat - lower Crown - the attribute of justice - Assembly of Israel -Court of YAHWEH - the oral Torah - Bride -Wife - the Honorable Name of YAHWEH - Hidden Miracles - earth - moon -humility
Note:  Associated with David 

Counting of the Omer

Week one: Chesed

1st day: Chesed in Chesed, 2nd day: Gevurah in Chesed, 3rd day: Tiferet in Chesed, 4th day: Netzakh in Chesed, 5th day: Hod in Chesed, 6th day: Yesod in Chesed, 7th day: Malkut in Chesed

Week two: Gevurah

1st day: Chesed in Gevurah, 2nd day: Gevurah in Gevurah, 3rd day: Tiferet in Gevurah, 4th day: Netzakh in Gevurah, 5th day: Hod in Gevurah, 6th day: Yesod in Gevurah, 7th day: Malkut in Gevurah

Week three: Tiferet

1st day: Chesed in Tiferet, 2nd day: Gevurah in Tiferet, 3rd day: Tiferet in Tiferet, 4th day: Netzakh in Tiferet, 5th day: Hod in Tiferet, 6th day: Yesod in Tiferet, 7th day: Malkut in Tiferet

Week four: Netzakh

1st day: Chesed in Netzakh, 2nd day: Gevurah in Netzakh, 3rd day: Tiferet in Netzakh, 4th day: Netzakh in Netzakh, 5th day: Hod in Netzakh, 6th day: Yesod in Netzakh, 7th day: Malkut in Netzakh

Week five: Hod

1st day: Chesed in Hod, 2nd day: Gevurah in Hod, 3rd day: Tiferet in Hod, 4th day: Netzakh in Hod, 5th day: Hod in Hod, 6th day: Yesod in hod, 7th day: Malkut in Hod

Week six: Yesod

1st day: Chesed in Yesod, 2nd day: Gevurah in Yesod, 3rd day: Tiferet in Yesod, 4th day: Netzakh in Yesod, 5th day: Hod in Yesod, 6th day: Yesod in Yesod, 7th day: Malkut in Yesod

Week seven: Malkhut

1st day: Chesed in Malkhut, 2nd day: Gevurah in Malkhut, 3rd day: Tiferet in Malkhut, 4th day: Netzakh in Malkhut, 5th day: Hod in Malkhut, 6th day: Yesod in Malkhut, 7th day: Malkut in Malkhut