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ORIGIN and COMPLETION (Numerically)

Silent letter
Ox / Bull (strong) - Horns - Strength - Creator - The head - Beginning - Father (origin and beginning of family - Father produces seed of offspring's) - Renewal - Leader - First - Unity - Origin - Power - Stability - Seed - Priest (planting and harvest through teaching /service) - Expresses ruler ship and authority - 

Extended meaning:
Represent the origin of things - primal cause of things - Conception 

Numeric value:
1- 10 - 100 - 1000 which always refers to completion or fullness (10 commandments - 10 things created at the end of the sixth day - 10 generations from Adam to Noah - 10 generations from Noah to Abraham - 10 plagues that completed the judgment of Pharaoh - 

Aleph is a silent letter that represents the Name of YAHWEH through the numeric value of Aleph. The numeric letter value of each Hebrew letter within Aleph is  (Y = 10 - Y = 10 - VaW = 6, for a sum total of 26). This sum total equals the same numeric value of the FOUR LETTER eternal Name of YaHWeH (Y = 10 - H = 5 - W = 6 - H = 5 for a sum total of 26)

Aleph connects YAHWEH and the realm of Shamayim with Man and the realm of Earth throu

Bet - Beyit - Beit


Tent - House - Household - Family - Dwelling - Habitation - Establishment - Protection - Shelter - Fetus - Manifestation - To develop - Shell - The body -  (In - Into)

Extended meaning:
Covering of the soul.

Numeric value:
2 - 20 - 200 - 2000 which symbolizes restoration of relationship (two tablets of stone which the commandments of YAHWEH were  written upon. The first five teaches Yisrael how to keep a relationship with YAHWEH and the last five teach Yisrael how to keep relationships within Yisrael - YaHaqov restored his relationship with his brothers after 20 years)         

Bet is the Hebrew letter that begins the first book of the ToRaH

The reason why the ToRaH begins with the Bet is because numerically Bet is 2. Within the Faith system of Yisrael, YAHWEH the Mighty one created not one world, but two (the present world and the world to come). Therefore we must live our lives with the awareness that the grave is not our end, but merely the beginning of another.

In the spiritual sense BET contains the “Light” of the “Spirit” of YAHWEH

BET (house) is where children receive “knowledge”

BET is that which receives and holds

BET is the symbol of the body and work of Mashiach 

BET is the development of space



Camel - Carries - Throat - Foot - Pride - To lift up - To arise - Ascend - To nourish - To feed - The birth canal - A conduit - That which transmits / transports - All ideas derived from within the house - The transportation systems of the body - To give Tzedakah.

Extended meaning:
Carrier of actions - Ruach carrying our burdens through the wilderness - The conduit of YAHWEH to give gifts to His people in order that they may reflect His image.

Numeric value:
3 - 30 - 300 - 3000 which relates to Covenants. YAHshua arose from the dead on the third day - YAHshua was 33 years old when He died [the first and second three represents the 1st and 2nd covenants] - There were 3,000 jews saved at the feast of Shavuot that came into the new covenant. 

Gimel is comprised of the letter “Waw" (upright person) and the letter “Yod” at the base which represents a “foot in motion”

Gimel symbolizes a rich man running after a poor man (which is represented in the presiding letter of Dalet), to give him tzedakah.

Gimel is “GADOL” (big - high - great) and “GIBOR” (mighty) because it is continually running after or towards the person or thing in need, striving  to complete the work.

Gimel as a camel symbolizes the entity that carries a traveler with his goods from one place to another



Door (amidst fire) - Lid - To receive - To enter - Pathways - Nose - Gates - Entrances / Exits - Access / openings to pass - Secret chamber - base of the brain / mind - Refuge - Means of acquisition - Revelation - Access to breath from above - Access to YAHWEH’S Spirit (YAH-RUACH) - Door of separation / division - Sign of Shabbat as the door of Set Apart-ness and Rest - Hang.

Extended meaning:
Security - Refuge.

Numeric value:
4 - 40 - 400 - 4000 which points to the work of YAHWEH’S salvation (it rained for 40 days and 40 nights - Moses was 40 when he was called to save Yisrael - Moses spent 40 days on Mount Sinai and then brought down the two tablets written on both sides by YAHWEH - Yitsaq was 40 years old when he married Rebecca - YAHshua fasted for 40 days and 40 nights when tempted in the wilderness) - There are 4 cups drank during the PeSaCH seder, (the festival of salvation),

The Dalet symbolizes the poor man, that receives Tzedakah from the rich man.

The Dalet is the Door that stands in the opening of the Bet (house)

Why does the roof of the Dalet extend backwards a little to the right (going in the direction of the Gimel? Because the poor man (Dalet) must make himself available to the rich man (Gimel), the one who is providing Tzedakah. 

Why is the face of the poor man (Dalet) turned away from the rich man (Gimel)? Because the Tzedakah of the rich man (Gimel) must be given to the poor man (Dalet) in secret.

The image of Dalet is a gate and entrance as well as an exit

Spiritually Dalet is the gate or entrance to the inner Light - Knowledge (Daat) and Wisdom (ChokmaH) of the Spirit of YAHWEH 


UNIVERSAL LIFE - LIGHT and numerically Favor

Window - Universal life - Light illumination - To reveal - Over flowing Loving Kindness - Breath of the Spirit of YAHWEH - Innumerable gifts - Gathers - Distinguishes - Distributes - Look 

Extended meaning:
Collect - Disperse - Fullness 

Numeric value:
5 - 50 - 500 - 5000 which reveals the Favor of YAHWEH (Benjamin’s portion was 5 times as much of his brothers - Yoseph allowed his family to live in Goshen while there was still 5 years of famine left in Egypt - YAHshua feed a multitude with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish - YAHshua taught a parable of favor by forgiving two individuals of their 500 and 50 denarii debt - Shavuot is 50 days after PeSaCH where the Over-flowing Loving Kindness of YAHWEH was poured out upon the followers of YAHshua.  

Heh corresponds to the three dimensions of physical reality (breadth - height - depth)

The completely open underside of the Heh indicates that YAHWEH allows man free choice. Man is free to obey or disobey YAHWEH’S will (ToRaH / MiTZVoT), but if he chooses to leave the boundaries and safety of the ToRaH / MiTZVoT, he will lose his foothold and will slip into the abyss (represented by the completely open underside of the Heh. 

Heh also symbolizes the YAHWEH is ready to forgive the repentant sinner that returns to YAHWEH through the small opening in the top left leg of Heh

Heh corresponds to the Hebrew word “Hennil” which means “Here I am”. The word “Hennil” represents a person that realizes that they NO LONGER belong to themselves. Hennil means that a person has given their entire being (Nephesh) over to YAHWEH. This is why the Hebrew letter “Heh” is linked with the Name of YAHWEH.

Spiritually Heh allows the Light and Breath of YAHWEH to come into our lives through the Spirit of YAHWEH


HOOK - CONNECTION and numerically MAN

Man - A pillar - Nail - Universal - Bond - Add - Secure - Hook - Yoke that connects -  Adheres - Bonds - Conjunction that unites

Expanded meaning:
The over-sized Waw (marks the center of the entire ToRaH) 

Numeric value:
6 - 60 - 600 - 6000 which is the number of man (YAHWEH created man on the 6th day - man is to work only 6 days - Abraham was 600 years old when judgment came upon man - YaHaqov returned with a total of 66 souls to live in Egypt  - Yisrael left Egypt with about 600,000 men)

Waw represents a Pillar (which hold Creation together) or Man standing upright

Waw joins things together 

Waw connects YAHshua as a reference to the Son of David 

The function of the Waw is fixing something


SWORD - WORD and numerically PLAN of YAHWEH

Weapon of the Spirit of YAHWEH - Sword - Tongue - Word - Laws - That which splits (arrow / dart / Javelin)  - Cut - To cut off

Expanded meaning:
That which marks - Any thing that leads to a goal - The goal of the ToRaH / Mitzvot - Perfection - Regeneration - Healing - Deliverance - That which represents “The Word / Truth” (to be used against the enemy) 

Numeric value:
7, 70 - 700 - 7000 which reveals the plan of YAHWEH (YaHaqov served 7 years for Leah and another 7 years for Rachael that brought forth the nation of YAHWEH - There were 7 years of famine in the land that caused Yisrael to become a nation in the land of Goshen - Yisrael enters into the “REST” of YAHWEH on the 7th day - There are 7 week from PeSaCH to Shavuot - Tishri is the 7th month (Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur) - Jubilee is every 7 years.

Zayin is representative of sustenance and armament 

Zayin reveals that we are to use the weapons of YAHWEH to defend

Zayin symbolizes anything that is used to reach a goal or that which a person is aiming for to hit the mark / complete / finish the task.

Zayin is used to help those pursuing their goals in fulfilling the ToRaH / Perfection / Regeneration / Healing / Deliverance



Ladder (elevating / emerging / ascending / descending) - Fence - Hedge - Booth - Private - To separate - Covenant - A sign of faith to disclose / uncover - Link between wisdom / knowledge / understanding

Expanded meaning:
Signifies required effort - Accomplishment - Window - YaHaqov’s ladder - Link between YAHWEH and MAN (YAHshua is the one that YOKED mankind with YAHWEH)

Numeric value:
8 - 80 - 800 - 8000 which reveals new beginnings (The week has seven days and starts anew on the eighth day - Males in Yisrael are circumcised on the 8th day - There were 8 souls saved during the flood of Noah - YAHWEH reaffirmed His covenant to Abraham 8 times - David was the 8th son of Jesse - Sukkot is an 8 day festival that anticipates Olam Habah, the world to come - YAHshua was resurrected on the 8th day from the dead.

The form of the letter Chet resembles a gateway. Through a gateway one enters and exits

The Chet is formed by two ZaYin’s (swords) with a roof over them. This reveals that ever since man was banished from eden, they have had to trust in YAHWEH as their sustainer in this world. As such they must work in partnership with their sustainer (YAHWEH) by using the Zayin (weapons) of their warfare. 

The Chet looks similar to the letter HeH. The only difference is the Chet touches the roof that is covering it which reveals that a person that becomes steeped in sin and impurity can repent and connect with YAHWEH.



Concealed - Hidden - Inverted - Good (that is hidden within) - Completeness - To surround - Marriage / Divorce - Collects / Separates - Builds up / Breaks down - Truth - Trust - Obedience - Dependence - Surround - Contain Serpent 

Numeric value: 9

The form of Tet is symbolized in the numeric value 9 which represents the concealment of good within a pregnant women’s body (her fetus)

The first TET that appears in the Torah is the word TOV (Gen. 1:4) which reveals that TET is a symbol of goodness.

Tet symbolizes the coiling of a serpent

Spiritually Tet is a reservoir that  reserves spiritual awareness that a man has stored up and  releases to create deeper awareness of YAHWEH and his responsibility to be like HIM

Tet signifies resolution of opposites

The pictorial view of Tet is a basket



Open hand (indicating power and possession) / forefinger of YAHWEH - the finger of a man (who points to and lives for YAHWEH)- Deed - Work - Make

Numeric value: 10

Yod is the first Hebrew letter used in the Name of YAHWEH (the Father) and YAHshua (His Son)

Yod is the first Hebrew letter in the four Names given to Yisrael

YAHaqov (Jacob) - Yisrael (Israel) - YAHudim (Jews) - YAHudah (Judah)

Yod is the only letter that can be written with one stroke.

Yod is the smallest Yet most powerful letter in the Hebrew Alephbet

Yod is the only letter that remained after YaHaqov’s name was changed to Yisrael

Yod was the essential letter spark of creation.

Yod is comprised of a dot connected to comma. 

Yod alludes to YAHWEH

Yod is the open hand 

Yod indicates “The presence of YAHWEH” and His omnipresence


Palm of hand - To cover - Allow - Strength - Spoon (rounded shape resembles the palm of the hand)  

Numeric value: 20

Kaph is symbolized as a crown 

Kaph is also symbolized as an “act and sign” of submission where by one bows in total submission to a King.

Kaph (along with Bet) represent powers of construction and production.

Kaph symbolizes the palm of the hand serving with a spoon (container) that provides the serving by measure.

Kaph refers to the acceptance of whatever comes to you.

The Kaph teaches us how to appropriately use the power and strength that YAHWEH has placed within us through His Spirit. 


Teach - Arm - Wing - Birds - Go - Towards - Tongue

Numeric value: 30

Lamed is a Hebrew letter that is likened to a “town watchmen” who stands high above all others as a lookout and crier of warning.

Lamed is the only letter in the Hebrew aleph-bet that ascends above all other letters

Lamed is comprised of a YOD which stands on  the WAW (head) which is connected to a Kaph

Lamed standing above all other Hebrew letters symbolizes the “KING of KINGS” and “RULER” of the universe, because when the letter Lamed is connected to the preceding letter Kaph and the post letter Mem the Hebrew word MeLeK (KING) stands at the forefront


Water - Sea - Massive - Huge - Mother - Overpower - Chaos

Numeric value: 40

Mem resembles the womb which is the “fountain of life” for the fetus. (In Hebrew the word for mother is EM which also means womb)

The open part of the Mem indicates that YAHWEH through his Mercy has sovereignty over man 

The Mem alludes to building and productivity.  

Mem is the reformer - transformer of life. It is used to change things to a higher level


A moving Fish - Activity - movement that reveals universal life 

Numeric value: 50

The bent over form of “Nun” is symbolic of a bent over faithful person that remained faith unto YAHWEH, through their trails and tribulations

Nun symbolizes the power of submission and humbleness to the ToRaH and MITZVOT of YAHWEH


A prop - Support - To turn - Shelter

Numeric value: 60

Samekh is the Hebrew letter that reveals and teaches that the Shelter of YAHWEH is unlike anything man can do, because Only HE that gave us life can keep us in life.

Samekh symbolizes and alludes to the whole earth, which is filled with the Shekhinah of YAHWEH that is available to anyone, anywhere HIS presence is recognized. 

Samekh is the Support that sustains everything 


Silent letter
Eye - See - Sight - Watch - Know - Experience

Numeric value: 70

Ayin is a letter that does not speak..... It only sees.

Ayin is an EYE

The form of Ayin depicts two eyes with connecting “optic nerves” entering into the brain. The right eye is looking up to Samekh (support and shelter) while the right eye looks down at the Peh (mouth).

Ayin reveal that a wise man realizes that their blessings are not in what they see but rather comes from the one (YAHWEH) that supports them (samekh) from above and they must act (Peh) according to the knowledge that they have received.

Ayin comes after Samekh to teach us that a man should support the poor


The back of the head - Behind something - The last part of something - The least thing

Numeric value: 100

The bottom part of the Kuph is a VAW (man) who says “Kadosh” thus joining himself to YAHWEH his Creator.

The top part of the Kuph represents YAHWEH as the shelter of a man calling upon YAHWEH

The form of the Kuph is made from the VaW and the KaPH which reveals that man is linked to the ToRaH and Mitzvot on both the physical and spiritual levels. 

Koph reveals YAHWEH’S revelation and enlightenment


The head - A person - The highest

Numeric value: 200

Resh symbolizes the head

Resh symbolizes the head of a man

Resh moves things by destruction and generation

Through Resh old things are destroyed and new things come forth


Teeth / Tooth - To consume - To destroy

Numeric value: 300

The letter Shin is comprised of three VaW’s which corresponds to The Father (YAHWEH) His Son (YAHshua) and His Spirit (YAHRuach). In Orthodox Judaism they represent Abraham on the right - Isaac on the left and YAHaqov in the middle.

Shin is called the “letter of truth”

Shin is a letter of “Consuming Fire” - The fiery Spirit of YAHWEH (YAH-RUACH

The numeric value of each Vaw on the Shin equals 666 which is also the number of the sun as well as the Beast of the book of Revelation. (The number 666 is a number of mystery)


Sign - Seal - Mark - Covenant - To seal - Completeness - Security

Numeric value: 400

Taw is the stamp and seal of all the previous letters.

Taw is a signature mark that makes all things valid.  

The letter Taw indicates the final seal and witness to the completion or the Great Work of YAHWEH 

Taw has a basic meaning of “division of the universe into four directions, by this we understand that the Taw encloses the universe in its entirety

Taw is regarded as a symbol for the “absolute or perfection of creation.

Taw is the summary of everything in everything.

Within the numeric value of Taw we see that which represents the furthest development in this physical world. It symbolizes “infinity”

Final Sophit Letters

Kaf Sophit

KAF which means: From hand to hand

Mem Sophit

MEM which means: Ma-awar = Saying by saying

Nun Sophit

NUN which means: Neh-emarr = faithful to faithful

Pheh Sophit

PEH which means: Peh = from mouth to mouth

Tzadi Sophit

TZADDI which means: Tzadik = the righteous to the righteous.

Notes on the Final Sophit

Note 1:   The open hand (KAPH) of YAHWEH,  created the water (MEM), wherein the fish (NUN), swims; providing us with nourishment in order that we may speak (PEH), of His esteem; and be strengthened in righteous (TZADDI)

Note 2:   The Final Sophit points to the revelation of the future, the future to come within the coming world of Habah Olam