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The Name of YAHWEH

Greetings in the Eternal Name of YAHWEH, who ALONE is the Creator - Sovereign King and - Ruler of the universe.

The following information is dealing with the subject matter of; THE NAME of the MIGHTY ONE of Yisrael. This NAME reveals the personage and essence of the ETERNAL ONE who was - who is - and who is to come. HIS NAME Is ...YaHWeH...

Most people and religious cultures outside of Yisrael have incorrectly mis-translated, mis-transliterated and/or mis-interpreted the Name of the MIGHTY ONE of Yisrael through the hybrid - pseudo name of JehovahThese cultural religiosity also linked pagan, descriptive  unauthorized titles to the personage of the MIGHTY ONE OF Yisrael, with titles such as: lord - god - el - elohim - adon - adonai and/or HaShem, etc.

The following, will provide you with some Facts about the ONLY NAME of the MIGHTY ONE OF YISRAEL ...YaHWeH... 

Hebraic Facts about the name of YAHWEH
The Name YaHWeH consist of 4 Hebrew letters  that the Heavenly Father poured HIS definitions and meanings into. These 4 Hebrew letters are YHWH and are called by Yisrael the Four Eternal Lettersthat reveal the "Four Letter Eternal Name". These 4 Hebrew ETERNAL Letters (YHWH), reveal certain attributes, characteristics and traits of Father YaHWeH that HE wanted His people to know. The following will provide you with a few insights related to the 4 HEBREW ETERNAL LETTERS that are found in the Name of YAHWEH. So, Lets start with the first Hebrew letterY.


The Hebrew letter “Y” is the tenth letter of the Hebrew AlephBet and is pronounced Yod/Yud. The Heavenly Father has poured into this letter various Hebraic insights, that infer the following: Eternal | Hand (right hand open) | Giving - receiving | Extension of love | Blessing | Manifested Power | Ownership

The Hebrew letter Y that appears in the prefix of YaHWeH indicates and carries the meaning that YaHWeH is the “Eternal - Self existing One.  The numeric value of the Y" (Yod) is “Ten” which indicates and carries the Hebraic meaning of “Completion and/or Fullness“

Note:   In scripture there are several things that relate to the "completion and fullness" of YaHWeH found in the "Y" (Yod). They include but are not limited to the following:

(1)  Father YaHWeH created 10 things at the end of the sixth day of creation.> 
(2) There were 10 generations from Adam to Noah. 
(3) There were 10 generations from Noah to Abraham. 
(4) Abraham was tested 10 times
(5) There were 10 plagues placed upon Egypt. 
(6) There were 10 aseret HaDibrot (incorrectly called: commandments) given to Mosheh by YaHWeH 
(7) Believers in YaHWeH are to give HIM a tithe of 10% percent through the tithe

Note 1:   It should also be noted here that the "Tithe" does not belong to the giver. It (the Tithe) belongs to YaHWeH.
Note 2: From a Hebraic perspective, any thing that numerically equals 10, should be dealt with as “Kadosh” (Set Apart) unto YaHWeH.
Note 3: The Y" (Yod) is the smallest letter of the Hebrew Alephbet  YET, it is the most powerful letter in the Hebrew Alephbet and is known as the “ETERNAL POINT” (This insight of Y" (Yod) reveals to all believers that “little becomes much when it’s placed in the hand of YaHWeH).


The next Hebrew letter in the Name of YaHWeH is the “H”, pronounced “Hey”This letter is the fifth letter of the Hebrew Alephbet and carries the meaning of:

(1) Universal Life 
(2) Favor 
(3) Revelation
(4) The Breath of the Spirit of YaHWeH [who is the distributor and giver of innumerable gifts].

The pictorial image of “Heh” reveals that YaHWeH is always "ready to forgive those that repent"  BUT, He also allow those who walk in disobedience of the Torah to lose their footing and slip into the abyss (hell).

The numeric value of “Heh” is 5 and represents the “Favor” of YaHWeH as seen below: 

• A “Favor” that covered Yoseph‘s (Josephs) Father YAHaqov (Jacob) and his bothers, who were kept in the settlement of Goshen with 5 years of famine left. 
• A “Favor” that fed multitudes through YAHshua with 5 loaves of bread and two fish.  
• A “Favor” that was displayed 50 days after Pesach (Passover) [it was then that believers in YAHshua received the “Gift of The Spirit of YAHWEH]” on the feast day of  “Shavuot”.

Waw or Vav

    The next Hebrew letter found in the Name of YAHWEH is the “W/V“ (pronounced Waw or Vav)

    Note: The “W” is pronounced by Sephardic Jews, while the “V” is pronounced by Ashkenazi Jews. Father YAHWEH has filled the Hebrew letter (W/V) with the meaning of:

    (1) Man 
    (2) Nail 
    (3) Bond 
    (4) Hook 
    (5) It depicts a yoke that connects.
    (6) To connect 
    (7) To adhere 
    (8) unite.

    Note:  From a Unleavened Mashianic Faith System Stand-point, the letter Waw/Vav represents a prophetic insight that reveals “ the Man who was nailed to a tree has connected mankind with YaHWeH the Father” [this man beloved is none-other then YAHshua, the Mashiach of Yisrael and Savior of the world] ...(HalleluYAH)...


    Now lets revisit the last letter “Hey”, that appears in the suffix of the "Eternal Name of YaHWeH"As stated above, the Hebrew letter “H” pronounced “Hey” is the fifth letter of the Hebrew Alephbet and carries the meaning of: 

    (1) Universal Life 
    (2) Favor 
    (3) Revelation
    (4) Breath of the Spirit of YaHWeH [who is the distributor and giver of innumerable gifts].

    By looking at these Hebraic insights, it is revealed that Father YaHWeH imparts; Life - Favor  and Revelation knowledge to all that call upon His NameBeloved, when a believers proclaims the Authentic Hebrew Name of YaHWeH (and use it), they are revealing that: HE IS the Eternal Self existing one that has provided Eternal Life - Favor - Mercy - and Revelation Knowledge (through the Breath of His Spirit) to all that receive Him through the Man that was Nailed to a Tree (YAHshua). 

    The Authentic Hebrew Name of the Heavenly Father YaHWeH is the ONLY NAME that reveals such insight. No non-Hebraic interpretive titles such as: lord - god - el - elohim - adon - adonai and/or HaShem can reveal or do, what the Name of  YaHWeH has revealed and done. No cultural interpretive pseudo names such as: Jehovah, Zeus, nor any other pagan deity can  reveal or do that which ONLY the Heavenly Father has done through His Name YaHWeH.

    Start using HIS NAME today.


    The Name of YAHshua

    Greeting in the anointed name of YAHshua the Mashiach of Yisrael and Savior of the world.

    The following information deals with the subject matter of the Name of the Mashiach of Yisrael and Savior of the world...  YAHshua...

    In Acts 4:12 we read: "And there is no Salvation by another man, for there is no other Name under heaven that is given to the sons of men by which it is right to have Eternal Life".  We read also in Philippians 2:9 that "YAHWEH (the all MIGHTY ONE) highly exalted Him (YAHshua) and gave Him a NAME which is greater than ALL names."  In verse 10 (of the same chapter) Shaul says:  “That at the Name of YAHshua every knee will bow that is in Shamayim (heaven), on earth and that is under the earth".

    Note: If you are reading a revised - version of the mis-translated bible, you will notice that non-Hebraic translators mislead readers by rendering and inserting the name “Jesus” into the text, but the name Jesus is not the authentic Hebrew name that was revealed to Shaul (Paul) at his conversion on the road to Damascus.

    In Acts 26:14 we read: “And we all fell upon the ground. And I (Shaul) heard a voice saying to me IN THE HEBREW TONGUE; Shaul, Shaul, why are you persecuting me?......."  This verse Acts 26:14 reveals something that Acts 9:4 forgot to mention, and that was "IN THE HEBREW TONGUE". When Shaul spoke to YAHshua at his conversion, he did not say or use the name of Jesus, because the letter "J" DID NOT exist in the world, and the name Jesus WAS NOT a HEBREW name.

    Note: Jesus is a English name that entered into revised versions (changed writings) of bible 600 years ago (approximately 500 years after the conversion of Shaul on the Damascus). That’s right beloved, the name Jesus WAS NOT nor IS NOT the name of the Mashiach, that Shaul encountered on the road to Damascus. The letter “J”, did not exist historically in any culture nor any language until the late 15th and/or early 16th century.

    The language and name of the person that spoke to Shaul (Paul) in Acts 26:14 spoke to him in the HEBREW tongue. Matter of fact, the letter “J” does not exist in the Hebrew language or Alphabet today.

    As "TRUTH SEEKERS" of ToRaH/TaNaK, we should understand that the Mashiach of Yisrael and Savior of the world was called by a HEBREW NAME that revealed exactly WHO HE WAS.

    The Name of the Hebrew speaking Mashiach and Savior of the world, Was and Is...YAHshua... This Name (and this Name alone), reveals the fullness of who YAHshua  Was and Is.

    Let’s briefly take a look at HIS name and see what the Heavenly Father has revealed through the HEBREW letters that appear within it and through it.

    The Prefix "YAH" and the Hebrew Letters "Y" and "H"

    Every HEBREW LETTER that appears within the name of YAHshua is filled with HEBRAIC insight and meaning (something  that the name of "Jesus" does not nor could not reveal). The prefix within the name of YAHshua reveals two important things: (1) the prefix within the name YAHshua is the same prefix found in the short form of HIS FATHER’S  Name "YAHWEH" and (2) the meaning and promise of "ETERNAL LIFE" is found in the Hebrew Letters placed within the prefix of HIS name YAHshua (the Hebrew "Y" carries the meaning of ETERNAL and the Hebrew"H" carries the meaning of  LIFE. Just think about that for a moment beloved. Within the prefix of the name YAHshua we see the very thing that HE gave to those that call upon HIS NAME... ETERNAL LIFE... HALLELUYAH.      

    Beloved, do you see it? ... Life is actually found within the Authentic Hebrew Name of YAHshua therefore, When YAHshua said HE is the giver of ETERNAL LIFE, HE literally meant it, because within HIS NAME IS ETERNAL LIFE. When YAHshua said, that HE come in HIS Father’s Name”, He meant It, because Within the the prefix of HIS NAME (YAHshua) the Father's name is revealed. This is something that the name of “Jesus” does not nor could not do.  

    The Middle Hebrew Letter "SH"

    The middle Hebrew letter that appears within the Name of YAHSHua is “SH” (this letter pronounced "Shin") and provides the Hebraic descriptive meaning and in-sight of "the presence of the Spirit of YAHWEH in the form of HIS SHekhinah"

    In scripture we often read about the "SHekhinah and/or presence" of the Heavenly Father YAHWEH. In Yahchanan (John) 14:17 we read that He (the Spirit of the Father) shall dwell in you. Every believer that receives the authentic Hebrew Name of YAHshua also receives the SHekhinah presence of the Heavenly Father YAHWEH,because HIS Spirit is imparted through the Name of His son YAH-SHua that now resides in their life.

    The Suffix of "SHUA"

    The suffix of the Hebrew name YAHSHUA is SHUA which means "Salvation”. When a Believer receives YAHshua into their spirit they are also receiving the Hebrew word Shua, which reveals that within the name of YAHshua is Salvation and deliverance. This name and this name alone reveals that when a TRUTH SEEKER receives YAHshua they are receiving YAHWEH’S  SALVATION/Deliverance and thereby declare that they have living within them "THE NAME THAT IS ABOVE EVERY NAME

    Those Who Rejoiced in Seeing YAHWEH'S SALVATION Through HIS NAME YAH-SHUA

    In Luke 2:30, Shimon a just and devout man, placed YAHshua as an infant, in his arms  at temple and said: “Mine eyes have seen the Salvation of YAHWEH"

    In Luke 3:6, YAHchanan (John) the immersed referenced Isa. 52:10 and said:  “All flesh shall see the Salvation of YAHWEH”.

    You see beloved, It is Only through the authentic Hebrew Name of YAHshua that the "Salvation of YAHWEH" is revealed, because His Name is the only Name that literally means and reveals that YAH(the short form of YAHWEH) is SHUA (SALVATION).


    It is my hope that this brief overview of the Name of YAHshua will help you understand that the Name of YAHWEH (the Father) is concealed and revealed within the Name of HIS son YAHshua and thereby gives to All that "CALL UPON the name of YAHshua"... the SALVATION OF YAHWEH...


    YAH-Ruach Kodesh

    Greetings in the Name of YAHWEH

    Person Reading the Bible

    In Hebrew the "Spirit of YAHWEH" is called: YAH-Ruach Kodesh (the Set Apart Spirit of YAHWEH). This Spirit is first mentioned in Bereshit (Genesis) 1:2, where it reads: “And the SPIRIT of YAHoHiM moved upon the face of the waters”.

    The Hebrew word "Kodesh" means: “Set Apart” (not holy), and the word "Ruach" means: “Spirit, Breath, Wind" (not ghost), while the Name "YAH" represents the short form of the ETERNAL ONE of Yisrael YAHWEH. therefore, when a Truth Seeker calls the SPIRIT of YAHWEH, YAH-Ruach Kodesh / Ruach HaKodesh; they are saying exactly what Father YAHWEH told them to say.

    The SET APART SPIRIT of YAHWEH is filled with the FULLNESS of Father YAHWEH Himself and works according to the WILL and purpose of the Father just as HIS Son YAHshua was (and IS) filled with the FULLNESS of Father YAHWEH

    YAH-Ruach Kodesh is also linked to the "VOICE" of YAHWEH. Father YAHWEH uses Ruach HaKodesh to speak, lead, guide, direct, and teach as well as empower HIS people (Yisrael) with the ability to WALK in the imagery of Father YAHWEH by internally empowering them for the purpose of following and doing HIS Mitzvot (teaching, instructions, guidelines, directives, within HIS ToRaH).

    Note:  YAH-Ruach Kodesh was designed to abide within the soulish realm of man called the Neshamah (which is the 3rd out of 5 realms of the human soul). The Neshamah is that part of the human soul that was separated from YAHWEH at the time of ToRaH-less-ness, called Sin). The moment that a person receives the Mashiach of Yisrael (YAHshua) their Neshamah is reunited with their soul and reignites the ruach (spirit) of man. Upon the return of Neshamah, the ruach (spirit) of that individual then has access to the higher Soul levels of ChaYah and Yechidah (that are directly connected to YAHWEH without measure. The individual is now reconnected with Father YAHWEH (through the aforementioned transcendence) and is now ready to actualize the Will of YAHWEH, through their lifestyles because they have prepared the landing strip of their Nefesh (the natural soulish realm of the physical world) to receive the things that Father YAHWEH is sending them through the 4 preceding levels of their soul (YAHchidah, ChaYAH, Neshamah, and Ruach). 

    It is through the SPIRIT of YAHWEH (YAH-Ruach Kodesh / Ruach HaKodesh) that we have access to the FRUIT and the GIFTS of  YAHWEH.  It is through the FRUIT of HIS SPIRIT that we are built up to LOOK LIKE, ACT LIKE, and TALK LIKE YAHshua. In-other-words, the indwelling SPIRIT of YAHWEH internally develops all that call upon the Name of YAHshuaThe FRUIT of the SPIRIT of YAHWEH is used By YAHWEH to mold and shape HIS people into HIS IMAGE (Character/Attributes). On the other hand, the GIFTS of YAHWEH are rewards to those that have developed in their personal character and lifestyle. Father YAHWEH rewards those who LOVE and CLING to HIMThe GIFTS of YAHWEH are outward/external manifestations of YAHWEH that are being worked out through HIS SPIRIT and vessels (mankind) here on earth. These GIFT manifestations reveal the inward presence of YAHWEH'S SHEKHINAH in the lives of HIS vessels (men) that have HIS STAMP OF APPROVAL UPON their lives (including life-styles).

    Beloved; Father YAHWEH, HIS SPIRIT (YAH-Ruach Kodesh / Ruach HaKodesh), and HIS SON (YAHshua), are corporately unified in all they are as well as, all they do. Throughout the ToRaH, it is revealed that they are a triad of three and act as ONE. Throughout the ToRaH it is revealed that Father YAHWEH works indiscriminately through both HIS SPIRIT (YAH-Ruach Kodesh / Ruach HaKodesh) and HIS SON (YAHshua).

    Why not receive YAHshua (the Mashiach of Yisrael) into your life today, and thereby partake of the importation of the SPIRIT of YAHWEH, who is called "YAH-Ruach Kodesh"



    Greetings in the Eternal Name of YAHWEH, who ALONE is the Creator - Sovereign King and - Ruler of the universe.

    The following information is dealing with the subject matter of: “The Word of YAHWEH(HIS ToRaH/TaNaK)

    In 2nd Timothy 3:15-16 we read: All scripture is given by inspiration of YAHWEH…” To place this scripture in its proper Hebraic context, we must look at other scriptural text and infuse them with historical Hebraic facts. Let’s begin by addressing the first part of Shauls (Pauls) statement, when he said “ALL SCRIPTURE is given by inspiration of YAHWEH.” 

    It should be remembered that during this period in history, Shaul was not speaking about, nor referring to, the Brit Chadashah (incorrectly called “the new testament), nor, was he speaking about the pseudo copies of the Greek Septuagint - Latin Vulgate - Coptic writings, nor the revised versions of pseudo scripture, called "the bible" that many reference today. Shaul was speaking about a scriptural source that he, himself was quite familiar with called the TORAH.

    As a Yisraelite Shaul knew that the ToRaH was the constitution of Yisrael, and that it was given to Mosheh by the MIGHTY ONE OF YISRAEL (YAHWEH). Mosheh passed it down to Yehoshua, - who passed it down to the elders of Yisrael, -  who passed it down to the prophets, -  who passed it down to the men of the great assembly. Shaul also knew that this ToRaH would be prophetically lived-out through the flesh, of the Mashiach of Yisrael YAHshua.

    Shaul as a former Pharisee Knew the following:

    (1) Shaul knew that the “ALL SCRIPTURE” [spoken of in 2nd Timothy 3:15] was the INSPIRED scripture of  YAHWEH, that was written with the "Finger of YAHWEH" and spoken by the Spirit of YAHWEH (Ruach HaKodesh) in ORAL FORM, on Mount Sinai.
    (2) Shaul knew that the “ALL SCRIPTURE” [of 2nd Timothy 3:15] came out from Father YAHWEH HIMSELF in the HEBREW language. 
    Shaul knew that the ToRaH was given to YISRAEL as their blueprint for direction - teaching - guidelines - instruction - and pathways for life.
    Shaul knew that the ToRaH was the scriptural text and the Only scriptural source that provided Shalom (peace) for all Yisrael and mankind.
    Shaul knew that all other religious sources on earth, were inferior to the ToRaH of YAHWEH

    In MattitYah (incorrectly called Matthew) chapter 4 verses 4, 7, and 10, YAHshua said the words: IT IS WRITTEN.  Once again we must ask ourselves the question: what scriptural source document was YAHshua referencing when He said: IT IS WRITTEN?". He surly wasn’t speaking about the Greek Septuagint - Latin Vulgate - the Coptic writings and/or revised versions of non-Hebraic gentile text.

    When YAHshua said “It is written”, He was speaking about, more than a textthat came out of a particular verse, that was found in the "OLD TESTAMENT". He was speaking about a text that was found in the collective Scriptural Source of the... ToRaH...

    When scripture says; that YAHshua went into the temple and read scripture, we must ask the question: “What scripture and/or source document was He reading and teaching from?”  Beloved it was the ToRaH. We must remember that Both YAHshua as well as Shaul were referencing a scriptural source document that they were quite familiar with, because they both were Jews. They both Knew that;  “ALL SCRIPTURE of YISRAEL” was given by the “INSPIRATION OF  YAHWEH”. They knew that YAHWEH WAS THE AUTHOR OF HIS ToRaH

    Now lets look at how Satan desecrated and defiled the ToRaH By removing and replacing the Name of YAHWEH and YAHshua from the text of scripture.

    A Brief Synopsis

    When non-Hebraic nations began to interject their own non-Hebraic cultural translations - transliterations and interpretive teachings and spins on the Hebrew ToRaH, they began a cycle of err that would impact religious teachings for centuries. When non-Hebraic nations began to compare the YAHWEH SENT ToRaH of Yisrael with their non-Hebraic religious and cultural insights, they entered into a downward spiral, because there is no other language - religious source and/or text on earth like the ToRaH. No other language - No other culture - No other religious source/text on earth, has been endowed with the meaning and/or insights that YAHWEH has placed within the letters and words of the ToRaH. Yisrael and Yisrael alone has been appointed by Father YAHWEH to be the HOLDERS, the CONTAINERS of the ToRaH of YAHWEH. No nation on the face of this earth has been SET APART and Charged by YAHWEH to reveal the truth of HIS WORD (ToRaH).

    As unleavened mashianic believers we must never forget that YAHWEH has called HIS written scripture the ToRaH [collectively it is called the TaNaK].

    Note: The Hebrew word ToRaH means: the teachings -instructions - guidelines - directions - and pathways of YAHWEH

    The Mission of the ToRaH

    When a Unleavened Mashianic believer uses the word ToRaH they are acknowledging that it is the document that provides them with the instructions - teachings - guidelines - directions - insights and pathways of YAHWEH HIMSELF. When Unleavened Mashianic believers began to call the scripture of YAHWEH, what HE calls it (ToRaH), they will then get the benefits that HIS ToRaH provides (instructions - teachings - guidelines - directions - insights and pathways)

    The Hebrew word ToRaH also reveals within it, the "OR" of  YAHWEH. The letters “OR” found in the word TORAH, means “LIGHT and ORDER"  Therefore, when a believer receives the TORAH they are receiving the only document on earth that reveals the LIGHT and ORDER of YAHWEH for their life.

    The ToRaH is Within the TaNaK

    YAHWEH calls the compilation of scripture: the TaNaK [spelled also TaNaCH - TaNaKH or TaNaK]. 

    Note: Non- Hebraic interpreters of the TaNaKH renamed it: “The BIBLE”. Scriptural TRUTH SEEKERS, should understand that Each Hebrew letter in the word “TaNaK” reveals the three divisions of scriptural as follows:

    • The first Hebrew letter “T” in TaNaK, stands for the word “ToRaH”, which are the first five books in the TaNaK.
    •  The second Hebrew letter “N” in TaNaK, stands for the word “Neviim”, which means Prophet.
    •  The third Hebrew letter “K” in TaNaK, stands for the word “Ketuviim”, which means “writings.”

    By placing all these Hebrew letters together, we understand that the word "TaNaK"  reveals the Teaching - instructions - guideline - Directions - and Path-ways for Yisrael and all mankind as spoken through the: ToRaH (first five books of scripture) - NeViiM (prophets) - and KeTuViiM (writings).

    Note: For unleavened Mashianic believers the TaNaK chronologically starts with Bereishit (Genesis) and ends with the book of Revelations in the BRiT CHaDaSHaH (incorrectly called the new testament).

    ToRaH or Bible?

    Non-Hebraic interpreters replaced the Hebrew word TaNaK in exchange for the word Bible. The only problem with this is, “the word “BIBLE” does not appear in scripture one time.

    Another problem with the word Bible is the word itself. If you were to ask the average Christian (another word that should not be used): “What does the word BIBLE mean? ” they would probably say: “Book” and continue to explain that it also refers to the paper or papyrus that was exported from Egypt through the Phoenician seaport of “Gebal” [which the Greeks called “Byblos and/or Byblus], BUT what they won’t tell you is that; the seaport called Bablos/Byblus was named after a Phoenician, pagan, fertility Sun goddess that bore the name of Byble/Bible.

    In or around 400 CE/AD the Scripture (Word of YAHWEH) was changed from the ToRaH /TaNaK to the word Bible [just think about that for a moment beloved, ...Non-Hebraic interpreters and publishers, repackaged  and removed the YAHWEH filled name of scripture called the ToRaH/TaNaK  and replaced  it with a pseudo pagan name that reveals a sun deity by the name of Byble (Bible). Satan then convinced non-Hebraic interpreters to drop the “Y” (in BYBLE) and exchange it with the letter “I” (BIBLE) that appear in publications today.

    The impact of this subtle - crafty and  satanic interjection [called Bible] has blinded the minds of many religionists today. They don’t realize that every time they use the word “Bible” they are summoning a demonic, - fertility goddess (called Byble) into their mist to fill them, their children/families and churches with foul - unclean - filthy, sexual demons. No wonder the church is filled with congregants that are being bombarded with sexual problems from the pulpit to the parking lot.

    Repent - return to YAHWEH through YAHshua and  begin to use the Authentic Hebraic Scriptural word ToRaH/TaNaK