YAH-Ruach Kodesh

                           Greetings in the Name of YAHWEH


In Hebrew the "Spirit of YAHWEH" is called: YAH-Ruach Kodesh (the Set Apart Spirit of YAHWEH). This Spirit is first mentioned in Bereshit (Genesis) 1:2, where it reads: “And the SPIRIT of YAHoHiM moved upon the face of the waters”.

The Hebrew word "Kodesh" means: “Set Apart” (not holy), and the word "Ruach" means: “Spirit, Breath, Wind" (not ghost), while the Name "YAH" represents the short form of the ETERNAL ONE of Yisrael YAHWEH. therefore, when a Truth Seeker calls the SPIRIT of YAHWEH, YAH-Ruach Kodesh / Ruach HaKodesh; they are saying exactly what Father YAHWEH told them to say.

The SET APART SPIRIT of YAHWEH is filled with the FULLNESS of Father YAHWEH Himself and works according to the WILL and purpose of the Father just as HIS Son YAHshua was (and IS) filled with the FULLNESS of Father YAHWEH

YAH-Ruach Kodesh is also linked to the "VOICE" of YAHWEH. Father YAHWEH uses Ruach HaKodesh to speak, lead, guide, direct, and teach as well as empower HIS people (Yisrael) with the ability to WALK in the imagery of Father YAHWEH by internally empowering them for the purpose of following and doing HIS Mitzvot (teaching, instructions, guidelines, directives, within HIS ToRaH).

     Note:  YAH-Ruach Kodesh was designed to abide within the soulish realm of man called the Neshamah (which is the 3rd out of 5 realms of the                        human soul). The Neshamah is that part of the human soul that was separated from YAHWEH at the time of ToRaH-less-ness, called Sin).                     The moment that a person receives the Mashiach of Yisrael (YAHshua) their Neshamah is reunited with their soul and reignites the                                  ruach (spirit) of man. Upon the return of Neshamah, the ruach (spirit) of that individual then has access to the higher Soul levels of                                ChaYah and Yechidah (that are directly connected to YAHWEH without measure. The individual is now reconnected with Father                                  YAHWEH (through the aforementioned transcendence) and is now ready to actualize the Will of YAHWEH, through their                                                lifestyles because they have prepared the landing strip of their Nefesh (the natural soulish realm of the physical world) to                                                receive the things that Father YAHWEH is sending them through the 4 preceeding levels of their soul (YAHchidah, ChaYAH,                                          Neshamah, and Ruach). 

It is through the SPIRIT of YAHWEH (YAH-Ruach Kodesh / Ruach HaKodesh) that we have access to the FRUIT and the GIFTS of  YAHWEH.  It is through the FRUIT of HIS SPIRIT that we are built up to LOOK LIKE, ACT LIKE, and TALK LIKE YAHshua. In-other-words, the indwelling SPIRIT of YAHWEH internally develops all that call upon the Name of YAHshuaThe FRUIT of the SPIRIT of YAHWEH is used By YAHWEH to mold and shape HIS people into HIS IMAGE (Character/Attributes). On the other hand, the GIFTS of YAHWEH are rewards to those that have developed in their personal character and lifestyle. Father YAHWEH rewards those who LOVE and CLING to HIMThe GIFTS of YAHWEH are outward/external manifestations of YAHWEH that are being worked out through HIS SPIRIT and vessels (mankind) here on earth. These GIFT manifestations reveal the inward presence of YAHWEH'S SHEKHINAH in the lives of HIS vessels (men) that have HIS STAMP OF APPROVAL UPON their lives (including life-styles).

Beloved; Father YAHWEH, HIS SPIRIT (YAH-Ruach Kodesh / Ruach HaKodesh), and HIS SON (YAHshua), are corporately unified in all they are as well as, all they do. Throughout the ToRaH, it is revealed that they are a triad of three and act as ONE. Throughout the ToRaH it is revealed that Father YAHWEH works indiscriminately through both HIS SPIRIT (YAH-Ruach Kodesh / Ruach HaKodesh) and HIS SON (YAHshua).

Why not recieve YAHshua (the Mashiach of Yisrael) into your life today, and thereby partake of the impartation of the SPIRIT of YAHWEH, who is called "YAH-Ruach Kodesh"