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                                   The Word  of YAHWEH


Greetings in the anointed Name of YAHshua the Mashiach of Yisrael and Savior of the world.

During this months issue, I will discuss the subject matter of “The Word of YAHWEH.”  In 2nd Timothy 3:15-16 we read: “All scripture is given by inspiration of YAHWEH…”

To place the above scripture in its proper Hebraic context we must look at other scriptures and infuse them with historical Hebraic facts.  Let’s begin by addressing the first part of Shauls statement, when he said “ALL SCRIPTURE is given by inspiration of YAHWEH.”  It should be remembered that during this period in history Shaul was not speaking about, nor referring to, the Brit Chadashah (incorrectly called “the new testament), nor, the pseudo copies of the Greek Septuagint - Latin Vulgate - Coptic  and/or revised versions of non-Hebraic scripture  that many reference today (the Bible). Shaul was speaking about a scriptural source that he, himself was quite familiar with [from the day of his birth]. This scriptural source was called: THE TORAH.

As a Israelite Shaul knew that the ToRaH was the CONSTITUTION of Yisrael, and that it was given to Mosheh by the MIGHTY ONE OF YISRAEL (YAHWEH) who passed it down to Yehoshua, - who passed it down to the elders of Yisrael, -  who passed it down to the prophets, -  who passed it down to the men of the great assembly.  

Shaul knew that the “ALL SCRIPTURE” spoken of in 2nd Timothy 3:15, was the INSPIRIED scripture of  YAHWEH and that it was written with the finger of YAHWEH. He knew that the “ALL SCRIPTURE” of 2nd Timothy 3:15, came out from YAHWEH HIMSELF in the language of HEBREW. Shaul knew that the ToRaH was given to YISRAEL as their blueprint for direction - teaching - guidelines - instruction - and pathways of life. Shaul knew that the ToRaH was the scriptural text, as well as the Only scriptural source that provided Shalom (peace) for all Yisrael and mankind. Shaul also knew that all other religious sources and text throughout the earth, were inferior to the ToRaH of YAHWEH.

In MattitYAH (incorrectly called Matthew) chapter 4 verses 4,7 and 10 YAHshua repeatedly said:  IT IS WRITTEN.  Once again we must ask ourselves the question: “what source document was YAHshua referencing when He said: IT IS WRITTEN ? [He surly wasn’t speaking about the Greek Septuagint - Latin Vulgate -or the Coptic  and/or revised versions of non-Hebraic  gentile text].

When YAHshua said “It is written” He was speaking about, more than a text that could be found in the OLD TESTAMENT. He was speaking about the Source document that the scriptural text source was found in. This scriptural text source was and is, called the ToRaH.

When scripture says that YAHshua went into the temple and taught from scripture, we must ask ourselves the question: “What source document was He teaching from?” Beloved it was the ToRaH.

We must remember that Both YAHshua and Shaul were referencing a source document that they both were familiar with, because both of them were Jews and both of them knew that;  “ALL SCRIPTURE of YISRAEL” was given by “INSPIRATION OF  YAHWEH.  

Now lets talk about how satan deceived, - distorted, - and tampered with the ToRaH.  Let’s talk about how satan removed  and replaced many KEY Names and Words from the ToRaH.

A brief synopsis

When non-Hebraic nations began to interject and place their own non-Hebraic cultural translations - transliterations and interpretive spins on the Hebrew ToRaH, they began a cycle of err that would impact religious folks for centuries.  When non-Hebraic nations began to compare the Hebraic ToRaH of Yisrael with their non-Hebraic religious and cultural insights, they entered into a down-ward spiral, because there is no other language or religious text on earth that is like Hebrew or the ToRaH. No other language - culture or religious text on earth has been endowed with the meaning and insights that YAHWEH has placed in the letters and words of the ToRaH. No nation on the face of this earth has been SET APART by YAHWEH HIMSELF to reveal the truth of HIS WORD (ToRaH).

As unleavened messianic believers we must never forget that YAHWEH calls HIS written scripture the ToRaH [collectively it‘s called the TaNaK].

                    Note: The Hebrew word ToRaH means: teaching -instructions - guidelines - directions - and  pathways of YAHWEH.

When a believer uses the word ToRaH they are acknowledging that it is this document that is providing them with the instructions - teachings - guidelines - directions and insights of YAHWEH HIM-SELF. When believers call scripture what YAHWEH calls it, they will then get the benefits that are found in the very name of that document itself (ToRaH).The Hebrew word ToRaH also reveals the essence behind the giving of this document because the “OR” in TORAH is a word that means “LIGHT and ORDER” in Hebrew, Therefore, when a believer receives TORAH they are receiving YAHWEH‘SLight and Order” for their life.

YAHWEH calls the entirety of HIS ToRaH: the TaNaK[spelled also TaNaCH - TaNaKH or TaNaK].

                   Note: Non- Hebraic interpreters of the ToRaH and TaNaKH renamed it: “the BIBLE”
ToRaH Truth Seekers should understand that Each Hebrew letter in the word “TaNaK” reveals order and has Hebraic insight as follows:
The Hebrew letter “T” stands for the word “ToRaH”, which is the first five books. The next Hebrew letter “N” stands for the word “Neviim”, which means Prophet. The third Hebrew letter “K” stands for the word “Ketuviim”, which means “writings.” By placing all these Hebrew letters together, we understand that the word  TaNaK  reveals the Teaching - instructions - guideline - Directions - and Path-ways for Yisrael and all mankind as spoken through HIS PROPHETS and HIS WRITINGS.

As unleavened Messianic believers, the TaNaK chronologically starts with Bereishit (Genesis) and ends in Revelations. Non-Hebraic interpreters refer to the TaNaK as the Bible. The only problem with this is, “the word “BIBLE” does not appear in scripture one time.

Another problem with the word Bible is the word itself. If you were to ask the average Christian: “What does the word BIBLE mean? ” they would probably say: “Book” and continue to explain that it also refers to the paper or papyrus that was exported from Egypt through the Phoenician seaport of “Gebal” [which the Greeks called “Byblos and/or Byblus]. BUT what they won’t tell you is that this seaport called Bablos/Byblus was named after a Phoenician fertility Sun goddess that bore the name of Byble/Bible

In or around 400 CE/AD the Scripture and Word of YAHWEH was changed from the ToRaH /TaNaK to the word Bible [just think about that for a moment….. Non-Hebraic interpreters and publishers, repackaged  and removed the YAHWEH filled scripture ToRaH/TaNaK and replaced  it with a pseudo pagan name that reveals a sun deity by the name of Byble (Bible). Satan then convinced non-Hebraic interpreters to drop the “Y” in BYBLE and exchange it with  the letter “I”  (BIBLE)that is seen in publications today. The impact of this subtle - crafty and  satanic interjection [Bible] has blinded the minds of many religionists today. They don’t realize that every time they use the word “Bible” they are summoning a demonic, - fertility goddess into their mist to fill them with foul - and unclean sexual demons.

No wonder the church is filled with congregants that are being bombarded with sexual problems from the pulpit to the parking lot.

Repent - return and begin to use the Authentic Hebraic Scriptural word ToRaH/TaNaK today.


T H E     R E T U R N

According to the Renewed Covenant (incorrectly called the New Testament), YAHshua (incorrectly called Jesus), taught his disciples how to correctly keep and interpret the ToRaH which is defined as the teachings - instructions - guidelines and directives of YaHWeH that Moses received from YaHWeH on Mount Sinai. 

However, Many centuries later Hellenistic Jews gave allegiance to Greek imperialists and coupled their Jewish Faith System with the faith system of the Greek Hellenistic Translators and/or Transliterators. By doing so, they did the unthinkable, they added to the ToRaH of YaHWeH by interjecting their non-Hebraic culturalized, religious views and insight through translations and transliterations of Hebrew scripture. None-the-less, praise be to HIS NAME, YaHWeH sent YAH-shua to restore both the Spirit and Letters of HIS ToRaH.

Beloved, we need to remember that YAHshua the Mashiach of Yisrael WAS NOT a Christian. YAHshua WAS NOT a western, gentile. YAHshua WAS NOT an  American, European, African, Asian, or apart of any other goyim nation. YAHshua  WAS from the people, nation and land of Yisrael. He (YAHshua) WAS a Hebrew speaking, kosher eating, Shabbat observent, Rabbi who kept the letters as well as the spirit of the ToRaH. YAHshua also taught and kept all 613 Mitzvot (incorrectly called the commandments) of  YaHWeH’S ToRaH.

Most people don’t stop and think that our savior YAHshua wore traditional tallits and tzit-tzits, kept all the Jewish / Hebrew Feast Days of  Passover, Unleavened Bread, First-fruits, Shavuot, Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, etc.. Another thing that we should remember is that the disciples of YAHshua emulated HIM by also keeping the ToRaH  of YaHWeH even as YAHshua did.

Shortly after YAHshua was impaled on the tree, died and  resurrected from the dead, His disciples began to go into all the world proclaiming (preaching) the good news.  As the Hellenistic gentile church grew, they took on a new Hellenistic gentile name called, Christians.

The name, “Christian” was given by gentile pagan worshipers, in the city of Antioch. This city was named after the anti-Semitic Greek/Roman Emperor Antiochus Epiphany IV, who hated all Jews. The name, “Christians” was never meant to have a  positive connotation upon the followers of the Mashiach of Yisrael. This word was used by gentile cultures as an offensive and derisive insult that was intended to mock and ridicule Jewish followers of the Mashiach of Yisrael (YAHshua). These Unleavened Messianic Believers identified with the ToRaH, Shabbat /Sabbath, as well as the Feast days of YaHWeH. They also KEPT ALL THE CUSTOMS OF Yisrael in their LIFESTYLE  BUT, differed from their Orthodox Jewish counterparts because they believed that YAHshua, was the Mashiach (incorrectly called christ/messiah) of Yisrael.

Approximately 40 years after the resurrection of YAHshua, all Unleavened Messianic Jewish believers, and Unleavened Messianic Gentile believers co-existed together . In fact, the ONLY place where gentile Messianic Believers were not welcomed by their Unleavened Jewish counterparts was in Jerusalem, (because the Orthodox Jewish hierarchy, persecuted them).

Unleavened Messianic followers of YAHshua (both Jews and Gentiles) kept the Torah, kept Shabbat /the Sabbath, ate kosher foods, kept the Feast Days of YaHWeH. They wore tallits and tzit-tzits, kept the New Moon Mitzvah, and preached that both Jews and Gentiles were one in Israel through the Mashiach.

So, the question is “Where did pseudo - Christianity come from?”

Approximately one hundred years after the resurrection of YAHshua, the Emperor of Rome tried to destroy both the Orthodox and Unleaven Messianic Jewish community because they (Yisrael) refused to give allegiance to the Roman Emperor. They also refused to give allegiance to the Roman government who sought to eradicate Jewish and Unleavened Messianic communities. However, the more they were persecuted, the more they multiplied and thrived.


During the 2nd and 3rd centuries CE/AD, there were several prominent Greek pagan philosophers who were impressed by the martyrdom of Unleavened Messianic Believers. Many of these Greek pagan philosophers decided to convert and became apart of the pseudo Gentile church. However, many of these converts DID NOT relinquish - or disavow their pagan sun deities and/or practices. They also refused to give up their pagan philosophies and thus many pagan doctrines and customs were introduced and incorporated within their “NEW” pseudo Faith System called "Christianity";


In addition, many of the so called, “early church fathers within Christianity” (such as; Justin Martyr, Barnabus, Iraneus, Origen and many others) refused to give up their pagan doctrines and beliefs.

                                Note: The name "Christian" was easily associated  with the pagan sun god "Chreston and/or Chrisna" (spelled Krishna).

Many of these early church fathers were anti-Semitic as well. They HATED Jews and tried to do anything and everything to convince congregants of the Gentile pseudo church to abandon all things that were associated with Yisrael and the Jews. These things INCLUDED doing away with the Mitzvot (incorrectly called the commandments) of YaHWeH.  One such person was Justin the Martyr who attacked Jews and Unleavened Messianic Believers that kept the Sabbath /Shabbat because he thought it was "too Jewish.” For the most part, however, both Unleavened Messianic Jews and Gentiles continued to flourish and keep the Torah.

Only in Alexandria and Rome did pagan Greeks succeed in convincing the pseudoistic Gentile church to abandon the ToRaH.  Everywhere else, especially throughout Yisrael and Asia, the Unleavened Messianic Community continued to keep ToRaH and followed the Mashiach YAHshua. However, at the turn of the  4th, century something disastrous happened to the Unleavened Messianic Community. It was at this time that a wicked Roman Emperor by the name of Constantine lifted his heavy hand against all Jews, (which included the Unleavened Messianic community).

In 325 CE, Constantine called all the bishops together across his empire to the Council of Nicea.  At this council, Constantine decided to blend the “pagan Roman sun god Zeus” with all religious groups within his empire (this included the Orthodox Jews, the Unleavened Messianic community). Constantine, hated all Jews. and began to filter out all Jewish / Hebrew qualities and customs within his empire this included Orthodox Judaism - the Jewish /Gentile Unleavened Messianic community as well as the  pseudo religious group called Christians. Constantine made it illegal for both Jews and the Unleavened Messianic Community to keep Shabbat / Sabbath, read the ToRaH and/or keep the feast days of YaHWeH.  

It was Constantine that actually moved Shabbat (the Sabbath of YaHWeH which is the 7th day of week) to Sunday, because Sunday was the day that all pagans venerated (honored) the pagan sun god “Zeus”.  This act of pagan assimilation pleased the pseudo -Christian groups greatly. They had no problem accepting the dictates of Constantine. He also made it illegal for both Jewish and Unleavened Messianic communities to keep Pesach (Passover).  

Constantine wanted the pseudo Gentile Church, to have nothing more to do with anything Jewish (including the Jewish Unleavened Messianic Community). So, he moved and renamed the Jewish Feast of Pesach (Passover) to a pagan holiday day called Easter which is a Feast day that remembers and worships “Ishtar”, a bare breasted goddess of fertility).

The Greek pagan community (which included Hellinistic Christians) accepted the dictates of Constantine that declared it illegal for all Jews and the Unleavended Messianic Community to follow kosher eating laws. He declared that the pig, shellfish and all unclean meats were now suitable for consumption. Constantine endorsed and influenced this new hybrid - pseudo religion called Christianity by publically accepting Kurios Iesous (not YAHshua) on his death bed.

Note:  Kurios Iesous was the Greek lord/god of healing.  The Latin’s changed this name to Iesus which means “Hail Zeus”. The English nations changed  Iesous (Gk) and Iesus (Ln) to “Jesus” which conceals the name of ZeUS within it (JesUS) and means “pig” or the pig sacrifice to ZeUS.

It was then, that the Jewish/Gentile Unleavened Messianic Community fled underground. This amalgamation of the pagan sun god that was now combined and mixed with the formation and acceptance of the watered down - pseudo, Hellinistic Gentile Faith System called Christianity eventually took on the name: “Roman Catholic Church.”

The Unleavened Messianic Community then fled, being abandoned by BOTH their Orthodox Jewish counterparts as well as hated by the Gentile Roman Catholic Church which grew in numbers, power, and strength.


During the next 1,000years, the Roman Catholic Church grew more and more. One of the primary reasons for such growth was the absorption of pagan customs and traditions within this newly formed pseudo religion called Christianity.

The Roman Catholic Church began to celebrate the pagan Feast festival of Saturnalia on December 25th which became a day to remember the birth of many pagan deities (this pagan festival was renamed by pseudo Christianity as Christmas.). The Roman Catholic Church eventually split off from the Coptic Church, who then split off from the Greek Orthodox Church. However, all three of these pseudo religions (the Roman - Coptic - and Greek religious systems) became an instrument used by satan to espouse and mix several  doctrines of err within their Pseudo Gentile Faith Systems, one of which was called “the Church.”

Meanwhile, the True Jewish/Gentile Unleavened Messianic assemblies, met in underground caves and mountains. This was done because of the strong hand and sword of the wicked Roman Catholic Church during the period of the crusades.

Finally, in the 15th century, some of the leadership within the Roman Catholic Church began to see just how PAGAN and corrupt their religion was.

            Note: The Roman Catholic Church murdered Millions of Jews as well as those who associated themselves with the Hellinistic Protestant Church

Protestant Reformers that hated Jews:

Many Reformers within the Protestant Church hated  Jews as well. Some of these Protsetant Reformers were, Martin Luther and John Calvin. These two men  also systematically and cunningly replaced, changed and gave non-Hebraic meanings to many Hebrew words that were taken out of context. They did this with the intent of distorting and confusing readers of the word of YaHWeH.

It was during this time period that the Authentic Hebrew name of Yisrael’s MIGHTY ONE, YaHWeH was removed and replaced with pseudo - cultural titles such as: Baal (lord) and/or El (god). Eventually the HEBRAIC NAME of YaHWeH as well as His Son YAHshua was culturally changed and replaced with the pseudo and pagan names of  Jehovah and Jesus.

Additionally, Christian reformers began to introduce pagan doctrinal views within their pseudo Faith systems, such as: Sunday worship, the eating of unclean/non- kosher foods, and the practice of keeping pagan festivals such as Easter and Christmas. In fact, the religious leadership of the Protestant church became even MORE wicked, because they begin to use the scriptural tenants of  “grace” as a license to violate and break the “ToRaH” of, YaHWeH


The Unleavened Messianic Faith Movement, is calling people back to their Hebraic roots. They are retuning people back to the ToRaH, TaNaK, Brit Chadashah, Shabbat, and scriptural feast days of YaHWeH. They are admonishing people to call upon the Authentic Hebrew Name of the Heavenly Father (YaHWeH) and HIS Son (YAHshua).

                                                               Why not return to your Hebraic Unleavened Messianic roots today?

                                                             Why not become a part of the end-time restitution of All things today?

                                 Why not return to the Scriptural Hebraic name of YAHWEH the Heavenly Father and YAHshua HIS Son Today?